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Comms Mundi™ Versions and Changelog.

Minor release 3.3.18

Date: 21 Jan 2020
Summary: This version contains important updates such new certbot client with support ACMEv2 protocol, other bug fixes and improvements. Please see the changelog:

  • Attendance
    • fix category parameter
  • Core
    • update certbot client to complain with ACMEv2 protocol
    • fix time limit in backup/restore configuration
    • fix reload log daemon
    • add api method to get full telephony channels and calls
  • Directory
    • dir: fix event SMS container when changing account name
    • contact: fix import csv and synchronization with ldap server
  • Frontend-user
    • app radius fix disconnect all
    • app recording fix stop audio play when closing the window
    • app sms fix list history
    • app callcenter fix realtime graph agent connected
    • app monitor-pbx search account by description
    • app pbx fix reload chat messages
    • fix wrong timezone data
  • Frontend
    • fix language open in new window
    • add home BIOS manufacturer and version information
    • add in system monitor page search and order by columns
  • Monitor
    • fix odbc check sql parameter
    • fix filter alarm type
  • Telephony
    • fix history caller id name and number not last configured value
    • fix ivr action bridge custom with weighted distribution
    • fix missing dialplan actions in log
    • fix monitor filter line name
    • fix drop calls with INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION when call already answer after IVR action
    • fix caller id name in intercept calls
    • fix ivr url to context name
    • fix callcenter events - agent login, agent pause
    • fix audio stream remove static url to external radio
    • fix audio stream multicast reproduce remote source
    • fix audio stream multicast initial volume
    • fix audio stream schedule reproduce
    • fix dialplan app multicast announce and end sound
    • fix dialplan app multicast transcoding issue with announce sound
    • fix callcenter event pause agent
    • fix callcenter room update in background
    • fix record ftp automatic export for last hour messages
    • fix fax ftp automatic export for last hour files
    • fix IVR restore menu with invalid flag
    • fix callcenter agent simultaneous calls
    • fix diaplan application scheduler execute more than one condition/action per call
    • add support json-rpc (verto) presence events
    • add sms smpp max-pending-submits parameter
    • add sms IMATEL operator bulk data
    • add sms password parameter 18 chars
    • add line parameter prefix caller id name and number
    • add conference video parameter and flags to control personal canvas
    • add sip profile value to send options between 5 and 15 seconds
    • add SIP option to disable DTMF support
    • add column description in monitor
    • add column transfer_channel in monitor
    • add column dialplan context name in monitor
    • add column dialplan context extension name in monitor
    • add fax end received timestamp
    • add IVR option to enable/disable actions
    • remove json-rpc (verto) support for non secure sockets (ws:) * Security * ipsec: core upgrade to newer version v3.30 * Services * dns: fix check RPZ safe zones * mail: add mta queue display page * mail: add mta queue action to retry a single message * radius: add attribute User-Name in radrepply when adding a new user ===== Minor release 3.3.17 ===== Date: 05 Aug 2019
      Summary: This version includes new features such as support for VxLAN, improved attenced app and some other fixes. Please see the changelog: * Core * sqlite add escape caraceter _ in like wildcard matches any single character * fix limit when integer is used * api add new methods: ivr_*, tel_dp_list_*, tel_history_* * Frontend * frontend: add tls version 1.2 * frontend-user: app conference add contact page * frontend-user: app conference fix invite contact missing name * frontend-user: app conference fix toggle video option * frontend-user: app callcenter allow search by uuid * frontend-user: app callcenter fix in callcenter realtime to name columns * frontend-user: app callcenter fix report agent graph duration_per_agent * frontend-user: app callcenter fix total calls hangup by manager * frontend-user: app recording fix show all parameters in detail information * frontend-user: app audiostream fix reproduce * frontend-user: app fax add export multiple pages * frontend-user: app fax fix delete outbound fax * frontend-user: app fax fix export sent csv * frontend-user: app sms fix export with orderby * frontend-user: app sms fix cli when sending new message * frontend-user: app sms fix quick filter * frontend-user: app pbx add time period options * frontend-user: app wakup add option to add multiple accounts * frontend-user: app phone add auto-anwser remote header * frontend-user: app phone add match login json profile based on domain name * frontend-user: app phone add DND option * frontend-user: app phone detect if exits funtion request permission in navegador safari * frontend-user: app list fix apply * frontend-user: app contact fix import csv contact remove lower case contact function * frontend-user: app attendance fix time range * frontend-user: app attendance add custom colors to events * frontend-user: app attendance fix export events to excel * Directory * fix external check storage * add import account from csv data freepbx format * Networking * fix detect public ip from using iface name * fix tclass list ip apply * fix error with the dhcp interfaces without asigned ip * fix routing change type and delete gateway * add default gateway via DHCP * add “noip” option to use interface in vxlan * add vxlan support * add pppoe clam mss to mtu option * add event change services IP when main IP changes * Telephony * fix rate formula missing connection charge when billin < minimum time * fix billing rules ignore connection fee if billsec is 0 * fix callcenter manager logs * fix export voicemail messages * fix channel_name and other channel name exchanged in unanswer callcenter * fix callcenter missing event agent-status-change, fire event when agent is paused * fix callcenter event call_waiting_time * fix callcenter log duplicate agent pause * fix delete zombie list values when parent does not exist * fix missing log in redirection to new destionation and blind transfer * fix sms credit and used change to decimal * fix monitor account expire event * fix forward keep cli original number * fix accountname channel variable missing in some events * fix userfield channel variable missing in some events * fix history display caller id name and number * fix setting variables on B channel * fix apply unregister gateways on remote side, do not sent expires = 0 after register * fix ivr action bridge weight distribution * fix cdr colunm types * fix default hold music when not set on domain * fix billing action when no accountcode detected * add cdr ftp export * add callcenter fire events call waiting time, number of calls, agents connected, agents paused * add audiostream prepare remote address, event list and schedule play * add more flags in conference: vmute * add dialplan http action send ring_ready * add rtp timeout and rtp hold timeout user defined data * add delay 500ms on intercept to fix display-update problem on panasonic, SIP/500 Internal Server Error * add dialplan action “echo” * add dialplan verto_dvar_ variables * add history variable sip_hangup_disposition * Security * firewall: add string match module * proxy: add option to store logs via odbc * proxy: add option to set accounting limit * cert: fix default ca to 3650 days * openvpn: fix restart service * openvpn: add optional inactive time * ids: add tls, dns logs and accounting limit * ipsec: add option to enable or disable sha2-truncbug * Monitor * mon: fix support in event data for odbc_, http_response_code, http_response_body and http_json- variables * mon: fix action call with invalid chars in channel_name * mon: add check to new parameters and new form for Time Segments * Services * mail: fix missing logs “Unrouteable address” or “TLS Error” * mail: fix privacy remove received IPs from header * radius: add parameter to delete radact log - keep N days only * radius: add accounting limit days * ftp: add authentication ban and unban triger action on failed attempts ===== Minor release 3.3.16 ===== Date: 19 Jul 2019
      Summary: This version includes a new user app audio stream, as well correction and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Core * add net-diagnostic resource and respective acl * Frontend-user: * add app audio stream to handle multicast zones * Networking * fix monitor gateway * fix check for unreachable gateway * Telephony * fix accountcode in sms history * fix cdr missing database column * fix dialplan http action url encode * fix line acl and resource * fix intercept send display update * add dialplan conference auto-invite members * add dialplan conference exit-sound parameter * add conference endconf flag and end period parameter * add dialplan audio level aplication ===== Minor release 3.3.15 ===== Date: 26 Jun 2019
      Summary: This version includes new pppoe client interface. It also solves issues from previous version and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Core * api add conference methods * api add network list methods * Frontend-User * add app audio stream multicast zones * app conference add invite contact from local directory * add app white list ips * Network * add pppoe client interface * Telephony * fix dialplan directory list restore * fix memory pikes * fix history remove unnecessary indexes * fix sms restore billing * add inline features for dialplan app disa * add dialplan app multicast alert sound * add dialplan add multicast sound level * DNS * add parameters to set cache ttl for positive and negative answers * Captive Portal * add parameter max concurrent sessions * OpenVPN * fix client configuration force “compre-lzo no” * fix check for network already defined ===== Minor release 3.3.14 ===== Date: 22 May 2019
      Summary: This version includes new Attendance module controlling the time of entrance and exit, exporting events and resume of working time. It also solves issues from previous version and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Attendance * add new module for labor attendance control - users, domains, register events,… * Core * add new hp hardrive support * add smartctl errors to log event * Contact * fix import more than 100000 contacts * DNS * add rpz safesearch support and custom domains blacklist * FTP: * fix apply tls certificate * Frontend-user: * add pbx monitor realtime extensions and calls dashboard * add callcenter agent unanswered causes timeout, busy, lose_race, error and other * IPSEC * add option to select IKE version 1 or 2 - auto purposal not supported anymore * Network * fix monitor order routes by priority * OpenVPN: * fix auto configuration for MAC OS * add option for subnet only * add options for mtu and compression algoritms * Rescue: * add network configuration for address ip alias * fix reset firewall rules - default policy to ACCEPT * Telephony * billing add option to upload and clear all rules from csv * fix cdr dialplan trace information * fix cdr rxfax destination invalid uuid * fix diaplan list restore * fix diaplan action http parse and replace variables in the requested url * add dialplan action http debug information * fix diaplan action sms * fix conference invite members with incorrect flags * add line auth by ip and port to proxy host * fix cdr caller id number when bleg is present * fix diaplan action http varibles missing on other leg * fix billing amount apply only when call is answered * add monitor full user-agent description * fix sms sent status information * add cdr SIP cause colunm * fix dialplan action schedule transfer and schedule hangup to do it once * add dialplan action execute on transfer * add dialplan SIP Diversion header ===== Minor release 3.3.13 ===== Date: 25 April 2019
      Summary: This version includes new OpenVPN service, it also solves issues from previous version and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix restore timeout * fix missing portuguese words * add acl for network class * add module ax88179_178a to load on boot * fix missing usb ethernet ports on reboot * rescue: fix error message when changing interface address * Frontend * fix maximum hostname hash size * fix apply when ssl certificate not found * Frontend-user * fix webphone ring * add callcenter data for event pause description * add radius action disconnect all * add webphone use turn (webrtc recommended) instead of stun * Services * AAA: fix mysql queries when selecting groupname * Fail2ban: fix path action script * PPP: fix check empty values * Security * Antivirus: fix generate md5sum for ids * support for compress and uncompress database * Cert: fix check common name * Cert: add extendedKeyUsage parameter * Proxy: fix export logs to odbc * OpenVPN: add new service * Telephony * fix billing reset monthly used credit * fix cleanup cdrs already process * fix dp action voicemail with empty destination * fix sip profiles when deleting a certificate * fix sip profile generated tls certificate * fix intercept call matching uuid format * fix inline action to callcenter agents type account * fix dp action playback file path * fix history dialplan call trace * fix history creating odbc table duplicated index * add general allow custom value for cps and max session * add dialplan callcenter event pause description * add callcenter allow delay timeout to 0 seconds * add directory fax option to choose when to send report * add billing import and export csv * add billing copy action * add billing rows reflect colour credit usage ===== Minor release 3.3.12 ===== Date: 26 March 2019
      Summary: This version includes an important fix for CVE-2019-3815: memory leak in systemd also solves issues from previous version and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix CVE-2019-3815: memory leak in systemd * add support for ! in url fields * Directory * fix quota usage * fix apply account description when changing account * Telephony * fix export cdr to odbc missing new columns * fix history url open in new tab * fix monitor callcenter exit on fail to database connection * add sound when inline transfer to invalid destination * add dialplan condition list variable with list name : list_<name>_<key> * add dialplan variable for account description, ${description} * Services * aaa: add atribute Calling-Station-Id * stun: fix bind to all interfaces on server boot * stun: add support for turn authentication * Security * ids: add option to set pkts_process_simultaneously ===== Minor release 3.3.11 ===== Date: 11 March 2019
      Summary: This version includes a new feature to store data in external devices, correction on some issues and improvements. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix api helper function * fix expired default certificate * add support for external usb devices * add extra security in login form * Dir * fix music on hold when calling account queue * fix contact import and export use delimiter and enclosure parameters * add record storage to external device * add voicemail storage to external device * add fax storage to external device * add fax report on received files * add fax account option tx and rx request t.38 * Frontend [app] * fix webphone chat buttons * fix callcenter real-time display data * fix pbx add incoming ivr * add contact escape headers when importing contacts from csv * Network * fix debug message when changing ip address * fix restore interfaces * add tclass ip list expire column * Rescue * add restart network option * Telephony * fix sms import csv list unique fields * fix endpoint forward caller id * fix play and record don't play goodbye message if not set * fix playback event handler when changing sound filename * fix callcenter queue internal flags * fix callcenter queue outbound call timeout * add voicemail dialplan action ask for account * add dtmf end parameter to dialplan disa action * add dialplan action db execute on answer, ring and on hangup * add history rtp stats (mos, pkt count, jitter) * add dialplan action rate with limit (hangup call if limit is reached) * add billing system with credit limit * add fax request t38 parameter * add authentication ban and unban trigger action on failed attempts * add callcenter queue outbound factor to generate new calls * Services * mail: add authentication ban and unban trigger action on failed attempts * mail: fix missing event log for CRAM-MD5 failed logins * dns: fix internal event on apply * vm: fix create new virtual machine * Security * fix certificate wildcard name * fix certificate add external cert and private key * Monitor * add to action http use of variables http_response and http_body * add trigger action IP LIST * add or remove ips from a network tclass list * fix internal event when apply trigger classes ===== Minor release 3.3.10 ===== Date: 20 November 2018
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues and perform improvements found in the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Frontend [app] * fix onclick events * fax: add formats docx, xlsx, pptx, ppsx * pbx history: fix invalid acl filter * record: add columns aleg_channel_name and bleg_channel_name * Network: * add new shapping algorithm random early detection * Telephony * fix diaplan continue with dialplan variable origination_disposition * fix eveasdrop on huge groups * fix parsing internal variable with - and . in name * fix sound acl * fix json profiles check binding to same ip and port * fix delete dialplan list associated to deleted domain * fix diaplan dtmf send inband and rfc2833 * fix in forward when disposition is NORMAL_CIRCUIT_CONGESTION * add callcenter agent priority to 100 * add playback sound from http source * add callcenter agent destination variables ${ani} and ${account_name} * Security: * firewal: fix layer 7 detection * Services: * ntp: fix sync update clock periodically * mail: add in mail2fax action support to winmail.dat attachments * vm: fix stop virtual machine ===== Minor release 3.3.9 ===== Date: 30 September 2018
      Summary: This version is a minor update from the previous version including some new features such as static contact in dynamic callcenter agent. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix restore timeout for huge databases * Frontend [app] * multiple apps: add search in select item * multiple apps: fix limit list accounts to more than 1000 * record fix orderby * history add voicemail destination * pbx phone fix device permission error, allow select devices * pbx phone fix silence on second call received on chrome browser * pbx phone add basic chat and extensions presence * Directory * fix quota information in bytes * add domain and account telephony userfield * Telephony * fix detect tdm cards * fix sms history missing columns * fix monitor registered endpoint when changing name * fix monitor endpoint expired endpoints * fix local calls with outbound call in callee id * fix announce record store full stop message * add callcenter joined and cancel epoch * add sms tech imatel * add sms new api function * add playback files in directory secuential or random * add dialplan voicemail hangup option * add dialplan db variables page * add dialplan variable aleg_channel_name * add endpoint nathack with static contact * add json *rpc/verto templates * add json *rpc/verto codec selection: opus,g711,ilbc,g722,isac,vp8,vp9,h264 * add dialplan playback remote location * add callcenter agent dynamic force account contact * add dialplan conference option second *screem (no video from remote side) * add record new variables accountcode and userfield * Security * vpn: fix status connection * ids: add search by date in log events * Services * dns: add dnssec auto *validation * mail: add smtp client security none and ssl/tls ===== Minor release 3.3.8 ===== Date: 31 July 2018
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues found in the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Core: * fix backup restore * add access log page * add json encoded parameters * Directory: * fix check endpoint fixed contact ip * Frontend [user]: * app: recording fix selected message * app: callcenter export pdf, print page directly * app: callcenter fix realtime invalid column time * app: callcenter add call event manager on overflow actions * app: pbx_history export pdf, print page directly * app: fax: allow formats png,jpeg and gif * Frontend [rescue]: * add vlan support * add network diagnostic (ping, traceroute, network scan, host scan) * Networking: * fix monitor log events * fix selected usable ifaces * fix check vlan parameters * add traceroute parameters * Telephony: * fix disable/enable profile based on internal events * fix inline attended transfer when remote destination is unreachable * fix init dialplan list * fix correct mime type in email notification * fix monitor call state * fix sms rate count number of chars * fix check dialplan variables * fix conference monitor status * fix sms xtratelecom send to multiple destinations * fix eavesdrop on group bad noise * fix TDM initialization * fix copy dialplan extension when source name is present on different contexts * fix h264 fmtp copy from aleg to bleg, resolve issue with different resolutions on GS phones * add record variables aleg_uuid , bleg_uuid and call_uuid * add dialplan conditional hangup action per state * add callcenter call event logs * add dialplan condition continue hangup on REQUESTED_CHAN_UNAVAIL * add dialplan inline announce record start and stop * add callcenter numeric parameter overflow number of calls * add dialplan variable originate_disposition * add sms dialplan action message continue on fail or rejected * add dialplan play and record inline action record Services: * radius: fix return error message * pppoe: fix check zombie connections Security * vpn: add ipsec lifetime parameter Monitor: * fix trigger action email ===== Minor release 3.3.7 ===== Date: 20 April 2018
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues and perform improvements found in the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Core: * fix delete filenames with spaces * fix dependency loop between services * fix frontend apps http to https automatically * Frontend [user]: * add app net monitor * add app net diagnostic * add webmail new version * pbx-phone use hostname instead of ip * callcenter add column queue_name to campaign * callcenter add report agent add hour and minutes in search * callcenter add open new window realtime calls,agents and global status * callcenter fix realtime action stop/start/pause * recording improve user interface * recording add support to download multiple files * pbx phone remove video self view * pbx add agent priority option * group add option call type * account fix quick search * Directory: * add SIP restricted IP address * add SIP restricted user-agent * add incoming timeout upper limit * fix delete huge number of files * fix mapping user and group * fix missing logs when exporting via ftp * fix contact import non-utf8 files * fix ldap export contacts * Monitor: * add variables ${valX} * add action UDP * fix in html addmulti_probe * fix traffic inbound traffic duplicated * fix triggers logs and search option * Networking: * fix tshape inbound traffic rules * Security: * vpn: add new status page * vpn: add ipsec ikelifetime=8h (same as windows) * ids: fix missing rules * Services: * mail: add more logs to mail2fax action * mail: add mail2fax detection body content, try html and text parts * mail: fix automatic attachments * radius: fix bad username in accounting * radius: fix missing groupname in accounting * proxy: fix export logs to odbc * ftp: add FTP passive ports configuration * vm: fix service * dns: add type TXT record * dhcp: add client hostname to leases * Telephony: * add postgresql backend * add status ready when endpoint has fixed contact * add variables ${rec_} ${fax_} time related * add dialplan app calc * add smpp system_type parameter * add smpp coding parameter * add acl option to allow calling directly from api * add dialplan app http json parsing, variable are available with prefix ${chan_http_json-}, ex: ${chan_http_json-name} * add dialplan app rate * add variable ${ivr_digits} * add history column billing and rate * add SIP option ignore completed elsewhere * add option to copy extension in same context * add record limit files in email attachments * add intercept support for multiple call active in one group * add SIP options to set video max bandwidth * add callcenter delay call parameter in outbound queues * add card sangoma B500 * add sip option to rtp direct between A and B (attention to NAT) * add record format mp4 now store both sides of the call (left side calling party, right side called party) * add dialplan to app http parameter connection timeout * add newer doc formats when sending fax * add dialplan app multicast * add SIP select priority to negotiation codec * add forward busy to group * add SIP max forward parameter * add sms history more columns * add sms xtratelecom hangup_code and status_text * add sms dinahosting hangup_code and status_text * add sms rate increment on function of number of chars * fix sms programmed sms * fix fax missing call id * fix app playback hangup after playing the file * fix callcenter outbound call missing answer state * fix fax,record,sms template invalid characters * fix tel history missing channel when ivr and forward call present * fix tel history missing channel when redirect to new extension * fix sms yeaster connection * fix delete sent fax * fix dialplan export callcenter variables * fix disable voicemail when not enabled * fix fax detection in account * fix callcenter keep status of connected users on reboot and restart telephony * fix delete LCR multiple rules * fix history html single page limits * fix recording variables when attended transfer was performed * fix leave message in shared voicemail boxes * fix tel line extension in contact * fix missing display update for Grandstream family * fix small memory leak associated to register events * fix sent display update to not supported devices * fix delay creating record directories * fix return odbc values * fix fax filename attachment in email notification * fix playing wrong music on hold when calling a group * fix inline transfer when destination not reached * fix smpp decode dlr and messages with quotes * fix realtime zombie channels * fix monitor for expired endpoints ===== Minor release 3.3.6 ===== Date: 20 April 2017
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues and perform improvements, special not for core php update from 5.5 to 7.0. Please see the changelog: * Core: * upgrade to php7.0 * add api sms feature * Contact * fix import csv force str to utf-8 * fix database integrity issues * Directory * fix delete groups * Frontend [user] * pbx_monitor fix filter by last application * pbx_monitor fix not showing not registered accounts * app_voicemail add option to set default greeting * pbx_phone fix default non-video parameter always enabled * Networking * fix traffic shape when using captive portal * fix missing vlan priority queue * fix empty mtu when applying traffic shapper rules * add option to disable link on ethernet interfaces * Telephony * fix callcenter invalid agent pause action * fix fax retries when header is empty * fix sms list contexts * fix log filter page * fix cdr missing last app and last arg values * fix cdr filter when using CM api * fix SIP TLS certificate validation * fix add telefony rate rules * fix cdr sms filter by accountname * fix fax queue system on huge number of fax accounts * fix callcenter agent static contact to allow one digit extensions * fix fax limit on concurrent and maximum number of pages * fix dialplan accountcode allow empty values * fix recording filename * fix fax outbound and log call uuid * fix missing callcenter auto-disconnect event * fix condition list match when value not found * add callcenter variables witch chan_ to used in dialplan * add fax,record and voicemail windows filename schema * add cdr uuid when eveasdrop a call * add dialplan numeric condition * add dialplan action bridge weight random or round-robin distribution * add sms yeastar gateway * add sms action send by ftp upload * add sms dialplan action transfer * Services * aaa: fix retrieve log information * aaa: fix add multiple accounts * mysql: add fast shutdown * vm: add information about bios virtualization support * dhcp: fix db releases * mail: add mda md5 authentication * stun: add service stun and turn * Security * cert: fix parsing upload certificate information * cert: fix alt-name parameter * proxy: fix add period * proxy: fix add directory users * proxy: fix restart service and cleanup cache * proxy: fix transparent mode not seeing traffic * vpn: fix support for bug on android 6 and 7 * vpn: fix not allow char @ in psk * vpn: add column status to check connection current status * antivirus: add option to set country * antivirus: fix apply * ids: add search rules by message * Monitor * remove mon device * fix video install * fix system traffic shapper graphics * fix action http typo * add action to add multiple probes * add allow multiple destination in app sms separated by ; ===== Minor release 3.3.5 ===== Date: 2 March 2017
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues and perform improvements found in the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Core: * fix internal scripts priority * fix locking issue that cause “blackholes” in system graphs * fix internal log rotation * add api methods “tel_history_*” * Directory: * fix ldap delete domain * fix auto-remove files * fix user and group internal events * Frontend [user]: * callcenter: fix missing time in filter period * pbx history: add filter hangup cause “busy” * pbx history: fix filter hangup cause “normal” * pbx history: fix filter hangup cause “other” * pbx history: fix missing calls with action playback in domain * recording: fix period quick filter * Telephony * fix fire event on sip registration expire * fix html sms navigation page * fix cd setting maximum days * fix sms template unique name * fix restore dialplan DND option * fix intercept hangup if invalid call * fix sms gateway dialoga, invalid username and password * fix blind tranfer external caller id in same domain * fix wake up call invalid time format * fix check action when no sound if found * fix monitor empty values * fix dialplan missing variables in b leg * add callcenter announce position, average and maximum wait time before entering the queue * add dialplan variable transferee_destination, transferee_uuid * add option to limit maximum cpu usage * add aleg and bleg uuid in history * add dnis and ani information in monitor call * add origination_uuid variable in dialplan * add dialplan option to set digit key for inline actions * add endpoint caller id type option * add channel variable isblindtransfer to detect blind transfers * improvements in conference monitor * Security * ipsec fix compatibility with > ios 10 * Services * mail: add more log verbose * mysql: increase innodb files for better performance * ppp: fix internal variable names * aaa: fix radius sql transactions * aaa: fix radius blacklist mac * aaa: fix radius locking directory backend * captive portal app: fix setting sms account ===== Minor release 3.3.4 ===== Date: 21 December 2016
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues found from the previous version and new callcenter options. Please see the changelog: * Frontend [user]: * app account fix keep settings when changing an account * app voicemail add option to set greeting message * app phone update to latest firefox * Telephony * fix missing sms rate condition on reboot * fix sms xtratelecom return message on error * fix random SIP block on multiple profiles * fix BLF engine on huge amount of subscribe messages * fix sms utf8 enconding * add DND option for directory accounts * add DND dialplan feature * add feature remove extension from group if error * add execute actions ring, answer and hangup on bleg channel * add callcenter no agents overflow condition * add callcenter auto pause agent parameters on max reject, not_registrer and busy hangup causes * add callcenter agent type directory account * add call_uuid and aleg_uuid dialplan variables * add cdr export debug sql file on failure * Security * ipsec: add rfc3948 support ===== Minor release 3.3.3 ===== Date: 14 December 2016
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues found from the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix problem with intel driver when traffic is superior to 500Mbits/sec * Monitor * fix internal sensor mail * Services * mail: fix restore default domain * vm: fix delete all virtual machines * Telephony * fix t38 fax interop * fix t38 fax interop reply with 200 ok empty * fix callcenter reload action * fix monitor ring all agents inside the callcenter * fix restore tls sip profiles * fix callcenter condition when exit on timeout * fix sms restore * add max forward loop account to 5 * add callcenter retry when user/agent not registered * add callcenter overflow when no agents available ===== Minor release 3.3.2 ===== Date: 27 October 2016
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues found from the previous version and new SMS dialplan, history and billing features. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix proxy log events * fix system logs load usage * fix install on raid disk setup * fix acl modify action * Directory * new sms parameters * fix maximum size support for huge databases * fix domain limit condition check when loading contact csv * Frontend[user] * fix app radius disconnect users * fix app telephony history invalid call minutes display * app callcenter report agent when applying filter by status * app proxy fix missing functions for browser user *agent * app sms add support for contact lists * Monitor * fix sensor fax sent and received counter * fix sensor telephony calls * mod show max values instead of average values for long periods * add sensor telephony sessions per second * Network * fix ifaces mod event * fix layer 7 traffic match * fix duplicated default route (same gateway) when not using multipath * fix assign ip by dhcp * add vlan support for qos priority * Services * dhcp: fix subnet not removed when adding a bridge * aaa: fix coa return status * mysql: fix not showing database in administrator page * vm: fix start, stop and restart actions * mail: add spam list check * mail: add action mail2sms * Security * ids: fix database logs * firewall: fix apply layer 7 rules * spam: fix auto-learning folders for spam and ham *Telephony * fix missing quote in monitor * fix same context in cdr * fix monitor endpoint delete expire accounts syntax * fix callcenter agents removing pause when reloading * fix callcenter set agent status whenever it is not Available * fix force normal_circuit_congestion uppercase * fix fax conversion for newer formats * fix voicemail get variable from dialplan session skip record check .. * fix limit continue when done by dialplan * fix fax error handling showing sending * fix tdm multiple card channel detection * add fax support for partial received pages even if the communication ends with error * add list match modes regexp, match only, prefix better performance * add voicemail notification by ftp * add recording notification by ftp * add fax notification by ftp * add voicemail parameters custom filename * add sms dialplan * add sms history * add sms billing * add parameters to control options ping and max sessions * add support to remove HOLD state when having reINVITE without SDP (broken device Nortel *CS2K) * improvements in cdr processing * improvements in monitor channels and calls ===== Minor release 3.3.1 ===== Date: 29 September 2016
      Summary: This version includes minor update correcting issues found from the previous version. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix auto_sync missing logrotate events * Contact * fix accept only UTF8 characters * fix adding group contacts * Directory * fix email internal mapping accounts * Network * fix missing gateway routes causing problems routing everything after first packet * fix apply tclass lists * fix duplicated ips on same interface * fix missing original MAC address * Telephony * fix restore json rpc profiles * fix apply tdm for sangoma cards * fix conference event on dialplan context deleted * fix history negative progress time * fix callcenter auto * pause missing event * fix callcenter missing default queue * fix codec g729 software licenses * fix register event log to authenticate event log * fix monitor endpoint negative time events * fix monitor endpoint cleanup expired registers * fix ivr internal event from directory domain * add support to delete rows in remote odbc backend * add callcenter agent login api * add NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE hangup cause to limit causes * add option to ignore SIP 302 Moved Temporarily * Services * mysql: fix restore old configuration ===== Major release 3.3.0 ===== Date: 14 July 2016
      Summary: This version includes major changes in logs events (now they are display in realtime), a new ids/ips security engine, telephony video transcoding support, bugfixes and security updates are also included. Please see the changelog: * Core * general core software upgrade * new system service * new logger, extra information about events and now real time logs * Directory * add exception to allowed char % in password field * add support for auto-remove fax files from outbox and sent boxes * contact: fix check when upload csv contacts * contact: fix export to ldap internal database conflict * Frontend[user] * add video support to pbx phone * add extra fields caller and accountcode to app pbx * add ivr timeout option to app pbx * fix in app pbx history graph points * new app ids * Telephony * fix issues with caller id number and caller id name * fix missing variable channel_type * fix cdr bill seconds round microseconds to entire second * fix sent fax with same uuid * fix inband dtmf detection * fix hold music per domain * fix monitor telephony for heavy environments * fix attended inline transfer when destination not reached * fix fax conversion for pdf files version 1.5 * fix not using shared voicemailbox configuration * fix sip trunk ip lines with hostname * ip detection for providers without dns srv * fix json-rpc natted profile * add support for video transcoding * add support for VP8 video codec * add support for video conferences * add support for recording video calls (mp4 format) * add cdr column progress time * add fax parameter to set filename * add option to disable dialplan rules * add support dialplan condition variables in inline actions such as http and odbc * add support destination channel in dialplan app dtmf * Monitor * fix parsing usage on multiple cpus and with hyperthreading * fix typo rrt/rtt for ping,hping and arping probes * add trigger condition variables match * add trigger action ODBC * Network * fix net route apply which caused network disconnection * Security * ids: new html page * ids: add support for IPS mode. WARNING: invalid connections get dropped * use with caution * ids: add support for log HTTP events * firewall: add to firewall hashlimit feature * firewall: add option to disable firewall rules * certificates: fix acl issue when selecting certificates in http * Services * http: removed captive portal app. Replaced by custom app_portal * mail: add support into mail2fax for emails sent from * mysql: fix database dump sql * mysql: fix monitoring databases and speedup html page * pppoe: add pppoe keepalive every 30s instead of 60s to make failure detection faster (300s instead of 600s) * pppoe: fix apply routes * aaa: fix timezone summer/winter time change now the time is stored in utc time ===== Minor release 3.2.12 ===== Date: 04 March 2016
      Summary: This version is a minor release solving bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix register count available domains dir * fix internal log * Directory * fix group quota display usage * fix fax acl permissions * fix record acl permissions * fix sms acl permissions * fix system permissions * Frontend[user] * add app pbx_monitor more account information for realtime calls * app pbx_history add search by account name * app drive: fix upload huge files > 2GB * app drive: add support for upload multiple files * app drive: add progress status on upload * Network * add to diagnostic page UDP request probe * Telephony * fix freezing under specific load with large domains * fix restart sofia profiles when TLS is enabled * fix in fax to report file correct to send mail * fix blind transfer wrong caller id display when transfer outbound calls * fix callcenter select calling queue when present in multiple callcenters * fix sending DTMF INFO when forcing DTMF RFC2833 * fix sound mime type detection * add support for inline actions when in eavesdrop call * add to conference room extra options to control sound quality * add to dialplan app limit support for variables * add endpoint fire event with account description * add history field user-agent * add dialplan condition field user-agent * Service * ftp: fix issue with tls connections * dns: fix apply when empty zones defined * aaa: remove username restrict policies * mysql: add option to recover root password * Security * vpn: fix ipsec multiple security vulnerabilities * proxy: fix antivirus scanning content * proxy: fix uncheck filter by network address * Monitor * fix trigger status fire up * fix internal acl permissions ===== Minor release 3.2.11 ===== Date: 08 February 2016
      Summary: This version is a minor release and it includes some new features as the directory integration in aaa, new dynamic module registration, base support for hotel products, …. As usually include bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix acl check permissions * fix internal log verbose * fix backup/restore object owner * add odbc support for sql transactions * add improvement register system * add support for external Comms Mundi applications (app_) * Dir * fix voicemail without password * fix duplicated groups * fix apply default domain values for telephony parameters * fix apply voicemail boxes when more than 3000 accounts * fix display account quota usage * fix detecting change on full name account * add proxy users integration * add aaa users and groups integration * add limit for the number of fax pages allowed to send * add disable auth when endpoint configured with fix contact ip * add add parameters accountcode for groups * Network * fix acl resources * add traffic shapper priority to add new interface and add mensages * add nat rules support for vlan ifaces * add new l7 protocols * Telephony * fix acl and resources * fix returning error messages * fix in tel_ivr_action check digits * fix delete a dialer engine * fix unset channel continue variables when multiple bridges * fix tel_app_scheduler check timeout * when digits only * fix tel_callcenter_outbound killing valid channels when they are being created * fix callcenter outbound char ' in custom args from csv contact file * fix sequential groups * fix force restart profile when presence parameter change * fix app callback flip CID when transfer is present * fix filter last_app for cdr results * fix tel_history export cdr limited to 5000rows * fix the spaces parameter in dp_action_content_check * fix allow empty userfield and accountcode * fix tel_lcr delete gateway and profiles from html page * fix disable v17 when sending faxes * fix tel_sms export data * fix tel_callcenter agent status when add them * fix in blind transfer for grandestream avoid hangup * fix call group/account intercept when adding a new group * fix tel dp condition list matching most significant digit first * fix issue when trying to capture a call ringing when the account has a fifo * fix to detect changes in cards bri to nt a te * fix html tel_history verbose for bridge_custom group * fix external caller id for incoming calls * remove parameter expire-seconds in SIP line * add to record conference (special conf. bridge) the possibility to identify the initial account present in the call * add forward chan variable to be use in dialplan condition channel variable, add other variables need for the account * add tel_app_authenticate options dtmf_end, time_inter_digit and number_of_retry * add fax new queue engine with priorities support * add fax limit per number of pages in the document * add fax simultaneous calls per account, domain or global resource * add extra log when the call hits dialplan context and rule * add support for transcode card dahdi TCE400B * add tel dp condition DNIS * add condition field network_addr * add support for multiple variables sip_received_ip,sip_received_port,sip_via_host,sip_via_port,sip_user_agent * add optimization for endpoint group detection * Frontend[admin] * fix download engine * fix list results when to empty data * fix navigation between multiple results * add search option in list results pages * acl: remove auto acl for full directory resource when using app voicemail, fax, recording * still need to manual set it when using shared accounts * automatically trim accountcode and userfield values from html before sending to check * Frontend[user] * app radius fix search witch event Access-Accept , Access-Reject * app dir_group add options forward timeout * app pbx history: add columns channel_name and other_channel in the export when accounts * app sms: fix breadcrumb * app pbx_phone: fix firefox mediaStreamError * invalid permission without asking for micro permissions * app pbx_phone: add warning to prevent close the window * add action on continue in ivr actions * app pbx: add music on hold and ringback in brigde custom * login: fix don't redirect to home page on each login * app contact: add extra check to prevent delete all the contacts * Security * proxy: remove proxy users, now integrated with directory * aaa: add integration support for directory * aaa: radius attribute, remove password attribute misused should be use cleartext-password * certificate: fix acl and resources * certificate: fix expiration date parsing * antivirus: fix html verbose when update database * ids: fix parse engine * ids: fix update engine * vpn: fix ipsec display status * vpn: add ipsec support to ikev1 xauth * firewall: add support for vlan ifaces * Services * mysql: add cron to check tables, if not in access to html * mysql: fix del database if not found in system * mysql: add performance boost for servers with a lot of free memory * mysql: fix option to disable reverse dns * mail: fix acl and resource * mail: fix mailtofax when empty parts and content/type equals to plain/text * mail: fix mailtofax encoding detection * mail: add mailtofax support for inline images * Monitor * fix trigger multi var condition match * fix eventa data for cpu usage sensor * fix graph probe sip options * fix acl resources * fix error parsing usage channels for monitor sangoma codec * fix faster poller and reduce qty of pings, hpings, and arpings to 4 * add multi disk support when parsin disk stats * add fax system sensor ===== Minor release 3.2.10 ===== Date: 01 October 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release includes the new module Comms Mundi public API (Usage CommsMundi Public API). As usually include bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Dir * fix delay when applying domains, accounts or groups * fix FTP access rights * fix hangup cause when fax detect with limits configured * add sync storage account (record, fax, voicemail) by removing zombie files from database * CMODBC: * add support for login timeout * Frontend[admin] * fix in html view errors when change tclass network lists * fix default user preferences * fix add telephony ivr actions * fix delete telephony dialers * fix default site when virtual server on and has ssl activated * add new public api site application (help documentation usage inline) * add default checked radio to 1 day when search by period * Frontend[user] * fix app pbx_phone set auto *answer only when json *rpc enabled * fix app pbx_history not showing missed calls for domain accounts * Frontend[console] * fix reset administrator password * Network * fix check import csv traffic class network lists * fix not showing OFFLINE log messages * Hardware * detect new disc used module megaraid but not in smartctl * Telephony * fix timeout in fax when converting to pdf * fix fax pdf file resolution * fix app wake up checking acl rights * fix dialplan extension content check * fix directory variables (account_name and domain_name) for outgoing call * add dialplan app scheduler increase upper limit to 4h * add dialplan support variables callee_id_number and callee_id_name * add variabes ${conf_create_account_name} to be able to log the account that creates a conference room * Security * remove module proxy smtp * remove module proxy chat * fix firewall delay apply when we have to many rules * fix proxy loop slowing down traffic until restart * Services * mail: fix check route name * cannot start with numbers * mail: add option to limit maximum messages per connection * mail: add option port for forward router * mail: add option require_tls for forward router * http: fix in vhost when ssl is empty ===== Minor release 3.2.9 ===== Date: 30 July 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release that introduces mainly new features like the new frontend sites, new webphone (see the video demonstration here). As usually include bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix parsing raid information on HP servers * fix raid low speed syncronization * remove frontent api * remove frontend admin * remove frontend user * add single frontend * support for mutliple sites / applications (admin, user, …) * allow escape special chars (_ and %) whith \ when using like in html advanced filters * http connections change timeout 5 to 10 seconds, for slow connections * prepare system for public access log * Dir * fix voicemail display quota * fix record display quota * fix fax display quota * improve automatic check for system premissions * improve speed when checking recording with non administrator user * improve speed when checking fax with non administrator user * improve speed when checking voicemail with non administrator user * Frontend [admin] * fix missing unit and large input in inline transfer html * fix delete callcenter inbound queue * fix in html witch enable *disable in transfer *timeout * fix missing auto /directory acl for pbx_phone * move tel general templates to directory templates * add count actions in list ivrs * add to monitor trigger orderby in list class triger * html account telephony: and pages of faxes and size of voicemail * add in domain account html view quotes of record, voicemail and fax * add navigation and search forms to multiple pages * Frontend[user] * fix + in url when export callcenter reports * fix select default account in app pbx_phone * add app_sms allow set delimiter in when upload csv * new pbx phone: supporte mutiple calls, blind and attended transfer, history without disconnect, auto *answer incoming calls * add to app pbx_history column caller_id_name, replace column ani by caller_id_number * add to app pbx_phone column caller_id_name, replace column ani by caller_id_number * add to app pbx action tts * Telephony * fix caller id number vs ani when call pickup with recording the call * fix destination number when recoding the call * fix fax converting add better support for pdf v1.6 files * fix fax converting force to A4 size * fix callcenter * optimize call center agent report * fix sms export log remove internal limit (1000 rows) * fix webphone calling from chrome with windows 8.1 * fix conference missing apply on dir record account change * fix callcenter timeout not working with agents * fix inline attended transfer hangup aleg when using lcr * fix missing agent name in callcenter events when callcenter name contains special characters * fix lcr hangup cause when hangup is from the app hangup * fix recording when call is originated from external webservice * add support to month in dialplan time conditions * add support to day of month in dialplan time conditions * add callcenter support for tone sounds * add sms options to support max characters per gateway * new history * support odbc backend (allow CDR without internal limits for bigger implementation) * add option to disable JSON *RPC profiles * add JSON *RPC endpoint templates * add JSON *RPC endpoint trigger event * add option to action callback permit disable hold message when returning callback call * improve txsms script for bulk scenarios (especially kannel/smpp cases) * add support RFC 3262 * Services * dhcp: not start service if there are no subnet active * mail: logs mta * add view msg id in mail received * mail: mail_mta: rewrite all hearders root@* to support@… * mail: fix mail 2 fax spaces in destination in subject may contain spaces * http: fix html webapp captive_portal witch javascript * ftp: add support for multi *interfaces * ntp: fix amplification attack venerability * vm: add option to select virtual CPU type * Security * fix self sign certificate for the root ca * fix certificate get ca root certificate * improve speedup when apply firewall rules * allow upload cert when the security module is not enabled * Monitor * mon: fix checking variable for trigger action call * mon: new mail system probe (support for inbound, outbound and spam mail counters) ===== Minor release 3.2.8 ===== Date: 04 June 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release that introduces mainly new features to users frontend like add callcenters and agents. As usually include bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix restore for long resource data * fix missing internal apis when adding automatic domains * Directory * fix auto *delete voicemail msg * add parameter auto *provisioning key to SIP endpoints * move options nathack and unsolicited_mwi to SIP parameters * support endpoint templates * Frontend [Admin] * fix system_hardware raid error information * Frontend [User] * fix 'text enclosure' translation * fix missing sounds from app pbx conference * fix missing quote typos * fix callcenter inbound report by hour * remove lock that show only telephony accounts in app accounts * add action callcenter to app pbx * add app sms support long destination number (extra telecom support when multiple destinations separated by ; ) * add callcenter mono queue and agents from app pbx * Telephony * fix allow to record session inline use variables from other channel * fix fax convertion bad quality * fix dialplan variables for callcenter * fix login access for agents when check status for multiple callcenters * fix modify callcenter when only outbound queues defined * fix conference script to default sounds when nothing is configured * fix report fax missing variable fax_destination_number * fix attended transfer when calling group or callcenter * fix fax detect when no audio is sent * fix apply conference controls * add dialplan variables account_name, domain_name, channel_type and line_name * add dialplan aplication schedule repeat every X seconds * add dialplan aplication schedule option playback action on source, destination o both channels * add dialplan aplication schedule option haungup cause * add inline attended transfer timeout parameter * add sms support to xtratelecom provider * add parameter connection_timeout and timeout to dialplan action http * move line option nathack to parameters * support line templates * Services * mail: fix logs * mysql: fix export huge databases * mysql: fix check status databases * Security * pppoe: fix automatic assign remote ips and simultaneous connections ===== Minor release 3.2.7 ===== Date: 11 April 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release that introduces mainly new features to users frontend like add conferences, add accounts and groups. As usually include bug fixes and security updates. Please see the changelog: * Core * fix restore contacts * fix restore certificates * Dir * improve apply for multiple users * Frontend * add custom logo and title parameters per domain for frontend user * Frontend [User] * fix app dir_group apply user on modify * fix check destination number for group * fix acl permissions for apps pbx_monitor and cdr * added support for line owners * fix in callcenter report inbound and outbound events by hour * fix missing language in app pbx * incoming action * fix filter been passed between different pages * fix missing show loading page when switch callcenter in app callcenter * app account limit for now to dialplan, endpoint, voicemail, fax and record accounts * app pbx_fax fix error msg * app pbx_fax add button clear in log * app radius add new visible column session_stop_time * add app pbx selected account and group * add app pbx actions fax and disa * add app pbx call to record sound file directly, * add switch domain in app pbx, add info domain in breadcrumb for app pbx * add app pbx * ivr show only rows that belong to the domain * add app account parameters fax and record * add bootstrap-switch * update bootstrap to 3.2.0 ⇒ 3.3.4 * remove home menu from app callcenter * add switch domain in app account * add switch domain in app group * add option deaf to app conference * add app pbx conference page * add app conference domain configuration * add set caller_id_name when invite from the conference * Telephony * fix fax report always sending the same report fax file * fix try to correct corrupted files before converting * make it compatible width PDF document version 1.6 * fix install tdmoe lines * fix encoding when sending sms with special chars * fix chat plan where it was sending the same sip txt message twice * fix dp inline attxfer * fix missing default caller controls for conference * fix wake up call setup when time between 0-9 am * change default record_filename on install * add auth for chat messages * add more checks and logs when the fax convertion fails * allow spaces in ddi for sms * Monitor * fix trigger action call parameters caller id * Services * vm: fix start virtual machine if the module is disable ===== Minor release 3.2.6 ===== Date: 23 March 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release correcting small issues from the previous version and adding new features such new callcenter outbound calls, improved app pbx, please see the changelog: * Core * fix multiple issues in backup / restore * fix export directory files * add more internal logs * Contact * fix sync contacts and ldap when ldap servive status change to ON * fix import contacts and sync with ldap, add util gen uuid function * fix import contacts * sync/export to ldap * fix group mod event in contact ldap * Dir * fix in event when disable tel in account and missing apply config * fix in dir_account and dir_group auto remove spaces in forward * add function to check for valid and/or shared accounts in tel_dir_*, to avoid repeated code * Frontend * fix mail domain page navigation * fix in frontend when event_handler cert_restore * fix account sms telephony page * fix account autoremove options * fix in conference page option send_dtmf * fix html in mysql results * fix ids html add and modify rules * fix net router html priority for static routes * fix net router gateway html page with ddns off * fix in voicemail with check skip record check * fix display checked inline sms * fix html in html app sip * add navigation, search and orberby in html dialplan templates * add owner to tel_line * add support for tel incoming ddis to dir domain * add option to allow change voicemail language directly in dialplan * add LDAP service to monitor services page * add to mail domain list configured address and alias * add direct url to change context, profiles and templates for domain, account and lines * set default register expiry to 1800 instead of 300 or 600 * remove fix size for description * update copyright to 2015 * Frontend [User] * fix logo header bar display in frontend user: force fixed height to 30px * fix app conference auto refresh * fix app contact fields order * fix log filtering for app dialer * fix new line format for MAC when import contacts in dialer campaign * fix play audio messages * fix in app pbx history view missing calls in voicemail box * fix invalid max simultaneous calls display in app dialer * fix display simultaneous calls for small displays in app dialer * fix for app pbx history display counter number of minutes per call * fix btn size in app conference * fix change icon en toggle display for panel * fix default parameters for cc realtime * fix missing flags from conference room when dial from the app conference * fix missing start recording when dial from the app conference and the conference is not yet up * disable callcenter from old users interface * add external and internal caller id configuration parameters * add app contact add btn to delete all contacts * add btnClear to remove selected rows in play * add export csv to directory boxes (fax, record, voicemail) * add support to csv parameters for campaign lists in the dialer * add page setting into app conference * add support to choose the csv parameters when upload contacts to tel dialer * add app dir_account * add app dir_group * add to app callcenter outbound calls support * add new actions to app pbx to allow minimum configuration to a delegated user per domain * add to app pbx_monitor add options config refresh realtime page * add to app radius add options config refresh realtime page * add use hangup_cause when there is no result description in tx fax * Network * add in tclass options lists * increase maximum pcap size to 250MB * Telephony * fix tel history acl filter view calls leave *message * fix fax tx with limit events * fix lcr hangup after inline transfer, lcr should continue in case the call was inline *transfered * fix blind transfer cdr and directory variables * fix group redirect 302 * remove the endpoint from the group and keep ringing all the others members * fix dialer call when variable come with spaces * fix convert plain text formats for faxes * fix dial timeout for local calls * fix sip profile mode and ip/port check * fix SIP url encode * fix exit problem for the realtime monitor (endpoints and calls) * fix do not allow spaces dialplan action contents * fix in check exists spaces in dialer name * fix dialer call when variable come with spaces * fix local caller id and external caller id when sending faxes * fix record session destination number variable * set subscription *expire to 1800 seconds to reduce load * add inline attended transfer * add cc export logs to remote odbc conector * add support for callcenter variables in dp action parameters * add tel callcenter outbound queues * add new dialplan time condition * add option to disable mwi on register if unsolicited MWI enabled * add limit_hangup_cause in lines: GATEWAY_DOWN * Security * certificates: fix ssl validation * firewall: fix applying rules when the module is disabled * Services * dhcp: add dynamic options * mail: fix mta limit * mail: add list accounts per domain in mail page * mail: add white list limit and open_relay_limit * mail: add to action fax max destinations parameter * radius: add option to disconnect users after timeout detected ===== Minor release 3.2.5 ===== Date: 07 January 2015
      Summary: This version is a minor release correcting small issues from the previous version and adding new features such as wake up call, dialplan hooks, app phone with export cdr, new g729 transcoder card and many others, please see the changelog: * Core * fix multiple issues in backup / restore * Frontend [admin] * [monitor]: add probe sangoma codec * [directory]: add quota information for fax, record, voicemail * [security]: fix vpn list connections * [telephony]: add search period to cdr chat * [telephony]: remove G729 configuration page,replace by codec configuration page * [telephony]: new CODEC configuration page * [services]: add mysql interactive actions * Frontend [user] * fix display language when in single window * fix display when small window * increase upload files to 1GB * [sms]: fix sms programmed error * [callcenter]: fix log search by agent, * [callcenter]: fix list other queues not belonging to the selected callcenter * [phone]: fix keypad popover in app phone * [phone]: add export cdr to CSV * [contact]: add export contacts to CSV * [contact]: add import contacts via CSV * [wake up]: add application WAKE UP * [drive]: set default name to the name of the uploaded file * [drive]: fix display error msg * [drive]: fix dropdown select directories * Directory * fix install contact * fix add group in contact * fix directory auto remove option * fix apply when adding a account with mail2fax enabled * Network * fix internal fifo limits * add sangoma transconding cards as ethernet cards * Telephony * fix transfer when destination contains spaces * fix missing normal hangup cause: NORMAL_UNSPECIFIED * fix NATHACK merged version 1 and version 2 into single option * fix missing hangup when sending fax between internal accounts * fix parsing TDM channel for incoming calls * fix fax, better monochrome-grayscale levels before sending the fax * fix sms outbox retry when error * fix fax outbox retry disabled * remove dp app sip-x-header * new language sounds (EN, ES_ES, PT_BR) * add dp app hooks * allow to execute actions in call state (ring, anwser, hangup) * add dp app sms * add dp app wake up call * add dp app SIP (set sip-X-Headers, aler-info, …) * add support for variables in dp app limit resources * add support for large messages in dp app email * add more logs * add tdm card PRI Atcom AXE2DL or DIGIUM TE205P/TE207P * add dp app callee name and number for display update * add fax support to pptx files * add dialplan auto answer when bridged calls * add support for Sangoma D150 * add sip compact headers option * Services * dhcp: fix ddns configuration * mysql: add more logs * mail: add more logs * Monitor * fix filter rules * fix check on action call * fix incoming mail probe ===== Minor release 3.2.4 ===== Date: 20 October 2014
      Summary: This version is a minor release correcting small issues from the previous version and adding new features such as LDAP contacts, app phone with cdr, new system probes and many others, please see the changelog: * Core * fix multiple issues in backup / restore * Frontend [admin] * [backup] add the backup name when save/download the backup to a local directory * [monitor]: fix deleting a trigger rule * [monitor]: fix modify a device entity * [contact]: add new ldap contact page * [directory]: add search option 'class type' for directory accounts * [telephony]: fix html page for dialplan application channel * [telephony]: add search to ivr page * [telephony]: add custom tel history choose whitch variables to show * Frontend [user] * [app_contact]: add new contact application * [app_phone]: add cdr page * [app_phone]: add phone page (a webrtc client) * [app_pbx_monitor]: fix refresh realtime * [app_pbx_monitor]: add search in resume for fields billsec and userfield * [app_pbx_monitor]: add support for line calls by acls, fix filter acl channels * [app_pbx_history]: add support for line calls by acls, fix filter acl channels * [app_radius]: fix disconnect pppoe users * fix ajax requests, redirect to login when session expires * add new version jquery, bootstrap libraries. NOTE: custom skins must be updated to be compatible with the new css * Directory * fix internal events when deleting or modifying a domain * fix fax authorized email address to use mail2fax automatically * fix fax quota usage * fix apply accounts with file support (ftp and netbios) * fix recording export by ftp when files are in subdirectories * fix missing mail address without password * add support to special characters in account password * add more verbose about global quota usage * add contact support for domain, accounts and groups * add export contacts to ldap * move account databases (fax, recording, voicemail, sms) to account storage dir, allow synchronization via ftp * Network * fix routing rule invalid interface when interfaces = all * improve package capture * Telephony * fix silences in conference * fix recording when answer by one ivr * fix tel history userfield and account_code when BLIND_TRANSFER * fix in tel_dp_list_value import csv * fix callcenter action on timeout * fix memory leak in dialplan conditions * move config rtp ports from sip to general * add conference recording option * add sms support using web api for cmtelecom * add continue option to tel dp app conference * add dp app inline features action inline in callcenter * add trigger event on sip endpoints and sip lines * Services * dhcp: fix internal event when change network vlans * http: fix conflict in default vhost and other vhost * http [captive_portal]: allow custom html status page * mysql: fix mysqldump missing procedure tables * mysql: improve innodb configuration * mail: fix action fax parsing html body from email sent by zimbra webmail client * mail: fix in check mail_mta_route characters invalids * mail: fix login authentication base when conected to remote smarthost * mail: add back the support for cram-md5 authentication in mta * radius: add accounting attributes Acct-Input-Gigawords and Acct-Output-Gigawords * virtual machine: fix internal event when changing the virtual machine * Security * firewall: fix disable rule from the html page * proxy web: fix creating cache dir when deleted in ftp * proxy_web: fix proxy_web directory users password * pppoe: fix problem when select all network interfaces * Monitor * fix reset simultaneous calls for probe telephony calls * add monitor system telephony probes: endpoint_attempt_register and endpoint_registered * add event_data condition to build conditions using event variables ===== Minor release 3.2.3 ===== Date: 01 September 2014
      Summary: This version is a minor release, add a new option conference when executing a custom bridge from the dialplan, please see the changelog: * Core * fix SMART disk logs to show raw temperature value * Directory * fix mail alias and addresses * Network * fix internal error when changing interface name * fix display log message when ethernet calbe plugged * Telephony * add automatic conference in dialplan app bridge custom * add conference option * terminates the conference when only one member is active * add conference sounds option “none” and tone stream * add callcenter support for tone stream when selecting custom sounds * fix monitor call status when server reboots * Security * fix CA check country code ===== Minor release 3.2.2 ===== Date: 21 July 2014
      Summary: This version is a minor release, it integrates mail accounts in directory, rework on mail page, add a new feature to send faxes via email, and many others, please see the changelog: * Core * backup: improve restoration speed * hardware: fix detection for disk SMART capability * Frontend * backup: change download name for backup * directory: include mail accounts * Network * fix diagnostic capture port/proto and portrange filters not working * add layer7 protocols (redis, megaco and zmq) * Telephony * fix sip expire seconds always forced to 300 * fix permission issues with callcenter queue/agent resources * fix detection of missing user on voicemail * fix copy dialplan context permission issues * fix dialplan restore not working properly * fix dialplan voicemail app (nat issues) * add options for nathack v1/v2 in lines * add posibility to convert office formats to fax * add channel search capability in telephony history * add extra information about register endpoint * add experimental json rpc signalling with profiles and endpoints * add options to select fax quality (standard, fine, superfine) * add new formats for fax files conversion (doc, odt, …) * add channel based monitoring for mfcr2 pri trunks * add more hangup causes in hangup dialplan app * add park application for dialplan * add threeway dialplan app to connect a third party to existing bridge * add support for lines in eavesdrop application * Services: * file: resolve issue with samba workgroup * file: disable support for anonymous FTP connection * http: fix vhost certificates not applying * mail: rewrite mail and antispam subsystem, integrate with directory * mail: add fax action on mta routing * mail: disable CRAM-MD5 smtp login * mail: disable pop3 and imap SSL support * Security * antivirus: update database mirrors * certificates: update signing algorithm from md5 to sha256 * certificates: generate certificates with v3 extensions * proxy web: only allow safe ports to prevent tunnelling smtp traffic * Monitor * fix day range comparison in triggers when start day > end day ===== Minor release 3.2.1 ===== Date: 11 June 2014
      Summary: This version is a minor release, it adds certificates self sign using SHA256 instead of MD5 algorithm, and many others, please see the changelog: * Directory * fix apply when deleting an user * add record auto-remove days in html options * Network * fix route priority selection * fix bridge apply preserve virtual interfaces * improve speed when fetching ppp interfaces * Telephony * fix BFL problem when same natted IP is in local lan * fix fax received when no audio is received * fix restore for SIP templates * fix restore line with empty profile or context * fix restore sounds * fix posible memory leak in dialer * fix missing variables in recording * add html link to time period in context rule resume * add missing hangup_cause: NONE * add hangup cause 'SUBSCRIBE_ABSENT' when directory account does not exist * Services * fix radius microtik missing attributes * fix dhcp missing event from dns * Security * fix username / password for spam learning account * fix rejected spam messages * fix proxy system users * add more verbose to rejected spam messages * add sign certificates with SHA256 instead of MD5, NOTE: the last one starting to be unsupported everywhere * Monitor * fix mon device template * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Major release 3.2.0 ===== Date: 05 May 2014
      Summary: This version includes new core system (better performance, security fixes), update layer 7 network protocols, a new conference application in users interface, and many others, please see the changelog: * Home * improve speed when displaying information about the raid * list full IDHW * Modern user frontend * add app “conference” - list members in a conference room for a domain administrator * fix list files in app “drive” * Directory * fix internal groups apply * fix internal permissions hooks * fix list account endpoint when disable * Network * update layer 7 protocols * Telephony * add conference rooms * fix support for Aligera tdm cards * fix SIP NAT profile restart * fix SIP profile uniqueness * remove conference profiles and conference controls * Services * add option to disable radius post authentication * add mode email log events * add DNS list to allow access internal or external view * fix captive portal ip range check * fix DNS install cache directory * fix DNS internal event when changing domain name * fix DNS external view query recursion, now is disable by default * fix DNS internal view, allow domains from rfc1918 * fix MAIL delete accounts with empty domain * fix error creating home directory when creating a new virtual host in HTTP * Security * add proxy web options - cache_memory and object_cache_memory * fix IDS update rules * Monitor * fix probe arping value * fix network internal probes ===== Minor release 3.1.6 ===== Date: 24 Mar 2014
      Summary: this version improves the directory account apply and many other features please see the changelog: * Directory * add internal apply for single account * fix html display record format wav, mp3 * Modern user frontend * add delete multiple sms outbox in app SMS * Networking * change destination address for public IP detection * change destination address for DDNS service * Telephony * add extension SIP_To in VoIP lines * add account register parameter in VoIP lines * Monitor * fix event data for system network probes ===== Minor release 3.1.5 ===== Date: 10 Jan 2014
      Summary: this version include many new features like FTP auto export for file in directory accounts, new network diagnostic page improved to executing in background, support for experimental WebRTC and many other please see the changelog: * Directory * new directory log page * add FTP export and auto-remove support to record and voicemail * add per-account voicemail “skip” (greeting and instructions) parameters * add display used quota in voicemail/fax/record per-account * add “1 day” age option in auto-remove * change quotas to use MBytes instead of KBytes * Home * new general log page * new hardware and raid monitoring utilities * Modern user frontend * fix multiple select in pbx time * fix multiple delete not working on fax outbox * fix order account selection by name in settings page * fix application drive delete when filename contain spaces * add fax sent box support for failed messages, marked in red. * Networking * new diagnostic page (allow background diagnostics, multiple improvements) * add “ppp*” interface support in firewall and nat * add / allow changing MTU to controlled values (1460, 1492, 1500) in eth interfaces * add jumbo-frames support (MTU 9000) * Monitor * add support for sending events to trigger system from logs * add arping probe type sensor * update video template resolutions to industry names (SIF, VGA) * fix video sensor not updating when changing template * Services * add Virtual Machine boot order option * add FXP support in passive mode accepting with FTP options “Disable the PASV security check” and “Disable the PORT security check” * fix restart of FTP service * fix LOGIN and CRAM-MD5 client not working * Security * fix vpn list cidr showing on host2host in encryption page * Telephony * add support for e-mail templates for recording and fax notifications * add support to disable Q.850 Reason header in SIP lines and endpoints for interop issues * add support for using variables in condition expressions * add support for using variables in multivar-condition names * add option to disable prompts after leaving a message * add multiple protocols on a single SIP profile * add experimental support for websocket (WS) and websocket secure (WSS) on SIP profiles * add fax_success variable to use in email notify * fix sound file download not working * fix blind transfer not working when using group bridge * fix SIP CONTACT header IP (internal vs external) LAN support for NAT profiles * fix dialer resource and acl * fix caller_id application not showing in history * fix failure restoring LCR * fix price calculation precision to 4 decimals instead of 2 ===== Minor release 3.1.4 ===== Date: 04 Dec 2013
      Summary: this version includes multiple corrections to previous version and also some new features like the new aplications webmail, ids, sms in modern's user interface, please see the changelog: * Modern user frontend * add app “webmail” * add app “sms” * add app “pbx_monitor” * add app “ids” * add language selection into toolbar * fix callcenter report page when filtering by queue * fix callcenter exporting to csv logs and repor * fix proxy web export page * Directory * add sms support * add enable / disable user profile configuration * fix recording notification filename * fix fax pdf report quality * Networking * add option to disable nat rule * Telephony * add SMS support for provider dinahosting * add SMS support for provider HSL * add support to receive sms from smpp * add tel history chat * add option to disable line * add dialplan period search * fix dialplan bridge custom caller id number / name * fix internal variables for fax * fix global timeout for unanswered calls * fix dialplan ${valN} when transfer to multiple destinations * fix dialplan internal event handler on context name changes * fix internal match at list conditions * fix hangup causer when limit reached * fix dialer when action start “on ring” * Services * fix email display quota usage * Security * add option to disable firewall rule * Monitor * fix video html export video and events * add video permanent recording * add video template “Axis IP MPJPEG 320×240 1fps” ===== Minor release 3.1.3 ===== Date: 07 Oct 2013
      Summary: this version includes multiple corrections to previous version and also some new features like the new aplication dialer in modern's user interface, please see the changelog: * Modern user frontend * add app “dialer” * Directory * fix acl permission to delete when not administrator * fix acl html permissions page * fix group account internal dependency * Networking * fix monitor error for arping * fix diagnostic page action packet capture and timeout * fix routing internal apply * fix nat internal apply * fix bridge and virtual machine connection * Telephony * fix IVR action “bridge local” * fix monitor realtime endpoint display “error” only * fix missing “ANI” for originate calls from CM as source (callcenter, dialer) * fix cdr duplicated entries for forward calls in directory account * add variables “fax_ident” and “fax_header” to use in email notify * add dialer new page * Services * fix aaa debugging log * Security * fix proxy web internal apply * fix firewall internal apply (module handler) * Monitor * fix trigger acction “call” ===== Minor release 3.1.2 ===== Date: 23 Sep 2013
      Summary: this version includes multiple corrections to previous version and also some new features like sending variable in dynamic apps and many other, please see the changelog: * General * fix ODBC connector with MSSQL instances * fix ODBC error message * Modern user frontend * fix app pbx_phone “forbidden” * fix email recovering password mechanism * fix html verbose forward options * add extra icons to navigation bar (home/user/logout) * add send cm_username to be send by GET and/or POST for dynamic APPs * add timeout setting for app pbx_phone * Directory * fix missing acl for self domain * fix FTP permissions on self generated files * add support to HTTP virtual host limited access using FTP * Networking * fix html add multipath routes and multiple monitor delete * Telephony * fix html add bridge custom multiple destinations * fix t38 disable, NOTE: when disabled in lines or endpoints now CM will reject the call with “SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here” on only t38 (re)INVITEs * fix SRTP * fix default RFC2833 DTMF * fix SIP jitter buffer * fix dialplan condition “channel name” * fix hangup call and/or channels from single window view * add extra info in monitor page (endpoint single status, …) * improve reload for endpoint personal queue * Services * fix delete http virtual host * add more logs verbose (email, dns, radius, …) * Security * fix proxy web internal apply * fix proxy web always on transparent mod * fix update IDS rules * add new ODBC export feature to web-proxy logs ===== Minor release 3.1.1 ===== Date: 01 Aug 2013
      Summary: this version includes a new apps in modern user's web interface, option in proxy web, automatic export logs using odbc connector - all at one single page, and many others, please see the changelog: * Frontend admin * new page Home → odbc * Frontend user * add the possibility to add custom applications (link to outsite sites) * add application “proxy_web” * add application “phone” * Telephony * remove page general[ODBC], moved to Home → odbc * fix random problem with non standart ptimes (20ms) * fix missing ANI variable * Security * proxy web, automatic export logs using odbc connector ===== Major release 3.1.0 ===== Date: 17 July 2013
      Summary: this version includes a new and modern user's web interface, new directory user management - all at one single page, and many others, please see the changelog: * frontend * remove acl resource for callcenter queue * remove acl resource for dialplan extensions * remove acl resource for ivr extensions * new page Directory, handle at one single place domains and users * add owner attibute for acl resource * add upload custom login for modern interface * add upload custom .css skin for moderm interface (bootstrap based) * new acl user and group assignment * new users modern interface (apps base) * new app “pbx” * new app “pbx_monitor” * new app “voicemail” * new app “recording” * new app “fax” * new app “callcenter” * new app “drive” * [deprecated ] old user frontend will be replaced by the modern interface * networking * add tclass lenght payload range of values * fix monitor gateway html display status * telephony * remove page Directory * remove acl resource for dialplan time period segment * remove “from-domain” parameter from SIP lines * remove callcenter queue agent parameters, move into callcenter parameters and agent parameters * add ivr action timeout and invalid in digits action * add dialplan time period multiple day of week. * add dialplan continue option for context, it allows executing the call in another context * add dialplan application email * add dialplan application http * add inheritc_codec option, this option tries to avoid transcoding * add display update * add lcr page search by “digits” * add lcr extra variables access from the dialplan: ${lcr_profile_name}, ${lcr_rule_name}, ${lcr_rate}, ${lcr_quality}, ${lcr_time_seconds}, ${lcr_time_billsec}, ${lcr_time_offset} * add ${chan_w+} variables, NOTE: replaces old format name ${channel_variable_w+} * add fax report (manual generated and auto email) * add fax email notification template * add callcenter parameter to set auto agent pause when max no answered calls. * add account queue * new page General → Endpoint, allow add endpoint templates * new page General → Line, allow add line SIP templates * new sound administration by domain * fix missing diaplan app limit (affect only old v3.0.6 fresh installed) * fix t38 sending faxes affecting some providers * fix add dialer destination number * fix cdr entry when pickup extension * fix endless 180 ringing * fix CDR rotation for huge size rows * services * remove file server user and group administration * fix missing check for aaa configuration * fix restoure aaa configuration * security * fix proxy_web rule restrictions * monitor * fix missing graph when using vlan interfaces * change name 'L2TP - PPPoE connected users' → L2TP - PPPoE connected users * new graph 'Radius connected users' * new graph 'Captive portal connected users ===== Minor release 3.0.6 ===== Date: 2013-03-04
      Summary: This version add support for mp3 format for recording calls, option to record directly to a file and many others, please see the changelog: * Networking * fix internal event when changing a bridge name * Telephony * add SIP option rtp-rewrite-timestamp, fix audio issues when sending calls to some gateways * add dialplan list support for usage of diaplan regular expression in value * add dialplan directly copy contexts * add directory record format mp3 * add play and record directly to a file system * add parameter filename for global recordings in system * fix interop with counterpath (eyebeam, bria softphones) issues. * fix import lcr rules for huge files * fix backup lcr * fix backup dialplan lists * Services * add MAC blacklist in service radius * fix ip pool address assignation for simultaneous connections * Security * fix vpn l2tp/ipsec mschap-v2 authentication * fix ppp services and radius connection when bind port is not standard * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Minor release 3.0.5 ===== Date: 2013-02-11
      Summary: This version adds the support for vlan in bridges and others fixes, please see the changelog: * Networking * add support for vlan in bridges * Telephony * add option to force incoming caller id number for analog lines * fix LCR (Least Cost Routing) matching digits when prefix 0 * fix LCR hangup_cause when USER_BUSY response from a tdm line with problems * fix CDR for call bridged but not answered and terminated in playback action * fix CDR and monitor display last context and extension used in dialplan * fix std error when adding tel line (affect only installed version 3.0.4) * fix users interface look for callcenter * fix dp list matching condition variables * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Minor release 3.0.4 ===== Date: 2012-11-30
      Summary: This version includes some new feature like lcr routing calls, SIP tls and more, please see the changelog: * Home * fix permissions for user and groups * Telephony * add initial TDMoE support * add LCR (Least Cost Routing) page * add LCR dialplan aplication * add SIP profile management (automatic and advanced) * add SIP TLS (BLF is not fully support in TLS) * add time period support for time range loop * fix directory fax, voicemail and recordings file permission * fix internal handler when changing SIP templates * fix ringback tone when transfer a call after an IVR * fix CDR user forward, now uses diaplan variables * Security * update default certificate * fix enabled/disabled vpn connections * fix proxy web for private IPs and transparent proxy * fix proxy web restriction for private ips (RFC 1918) and transparent proxy * Monitor * add search monitor video events * add new probe Authentication client Connections * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Minor release 3.0.3 ===== Date: 2012-10-21
      Summary: This version includes action play and record, action play and get digits, … and some corrections and minor additions include version 3.0. * networking * add PPP interfaces to diagnostic page * telephony * add dialplan action play and record (mini_voicemail) * add dialplan action play and get digits (mini ivr) * add dialplan action set channel variable * add dialplan condition match channel variable * add cdr entry for voicemail callback option * add cdr search by context * add cdr export “other_channel” variable * add SMS support for SMPP gateways * fix dialplan list upload csv * fix callcenter invalid characters in name * security * fix firewall priority default rule * fix PPPoE max simultaneous conections * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Minor release 3.0.2 ===== Date: 2012-10-01
      Summary: This version includes list condition, limited action and some corrections and minor additions include version 3.0. * Telephony * add dialplan limit action * add dialplan list condition * remove diaplan remove local condition (replace by lists) * remove diaplan remove unknown condition (replace by lists) * fix recording session, remove local file * fix adding dialplan rules when no time periods available * fix dialplan html page * fix g729 codec passthrough * security * fix proxy web logs * monitor * add trigger action snmptrap * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Minor version 3.0.1 ===== Date: 2012-09-12
      Summary: This release brings a few fixes and minor feature additions to version 3.0. * Telephony * fix period navigation page * fix export history rates results * fix telephony internal event handler * fix cdr internal processing * security * fix proxy web apply * fix proxy chat apply * monitor * fix event handler * fix triggers page * Multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements ===== Major version 3.0.0 ===== Date: 2012-07-02
      Summary: This version includes the new acl user control access to the frontend admin, traffic shapping per vlans, … * administration frontend * add user restricted access * network * add shapping for vlan interfaces * fix routing restore * fix traffic classes internal dependencies * telephony * add dialplan db condition * add dialplan db function * fix dialplan internal dependencies * fix diaplan priorities * fix directory internal dependencies * fix callcenter internal dependencies * fix line restore * fix ivr internal dependencies * services * new dhcp interface * new http interface * add http default page * add DNS NAPTR record type * fix MTA tls mode * security * add captive portal walled garden option * fix firewall apply * fix ids update rules * monitor * add new probe and graph “SIP OPTIONS” * fix traffic shapping graph
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