CM app phone

This application (app) is available in the CM user interface. First you have to enable a JSON RPC profile and have an directory account with app phone and telephony endpoint with JSON RPC enable to use it.

:!: You must enable SSL support in frontend page for “CommsMundi user interface” and connect using https, otherwise you will have the error “getUserMedia() is no supported..”

If you select the default ssl certificate you must add the exception to browser.

Configuring JSON RPC profile

To enable JOSN RPC protocol and add a new profile got go to the page Telephony → General [JSON-RPC] :

To add a new profile 1):

  1. In the profiles table (where the configured profiles are listed), click Add
  2. Set the value for the name, for example, lan
  3. select the ip address where to listen for connections
  4. enable Websocket secure
  5. set the listen port, for example, 8082
  6. choose the certificate to secure the connection.
  7. Click Add

:!: If you use the default or a self sign certificate you must add it to the exception list on your browser.

Adding directory account

To add a new account go to the page Directory → Domain:

  1. In the accounts table (where the configured accounts are listed), click Add
  2. Set the value for the name, for example, 303
  3. In Web user interface - Applications check Phone
  4. Click in the upper tab, Endpoint
  5. Select JSON RPC
  6. Click Add

:!: Checkout the video demonstration:

To be able to add, modify or delete a profile set in the global parameters the option Mode to Advanced
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