Telephony history

The page Telephony→History shows all the calls done by the Comms Mundi telephony module. It can be used also as debug, since it shows all the steps done by a call.

:!: In Comms Mundi there is a limitation on the number of rows store internally, to avoid this limit, you can export the telephony call logs to an external database or to an CSV file.

Manual exporting history to CSV

In the page Telephony→History, at the bottom of the page by pressing in the csv icon the system will prompt you a menu to download the csv file.
You can select the columns to export. In order to select the variables to export do:

  • Click on the icon in the left of text Export
  • to add a new column, click on the add button. Set the column name and variable field to export.
  • to delete a column, click on the delete button

:!: This action can take a while according to the size of calls to export.

Automatic exporting history to external database

In the page Telephony→History [CDR Backend] you can export call logs automatically to a remote database using a ODBC connector.

To configure the export do:

  • check Enable CDR backend
  • Set the variables to export
    • to add a new column, click on the add button. Set the column name and variable field to export.
    • to delete a column, click on the delete button
  • set the ODBC connector
  • set the table
    • by pressing create table will create the table on the remote database
  • click update

:!: The export is done at the same time as the CDR. If there is a problem connecting to the ODBC (connection lost, table doesn't exist, other…) the cdr entries won't be exported.

Available fields

  • uuid - call identifier
  • aleg_uuid - source channel identifier
  • bleg_uuid - destination channel identifier
  • accountcode - call last accountcode
  • userfield - call last userfield
  • start_stamp - call start time
  • answer_stamp - call answer time
  • end_stamp - call answer time
  • duration - call duration
  • billsec - call billsec, equals to answer time - end time
  • progress - call ring time, equals to start time - answer time
  • ani - original source caller identifier
  • aniii - original source caller identifier 2
  • caller_id - source number and name identifier
  • caller_id_name - source name
  • caller_id_number - source number
  • channel_name - source channel name
  • other_channel - destination channel name
  • context - last context name
  • extension - last extension name
  • dnis - original destination number
  • destination_number - final destination number
  • hangup_cause - hangup cause
  • last_app - last dialplan application executed
  • last_arg - last arguments in dialplan application executed
  • read_codec - source channel read codec
  • write_codec - source channel write codec
  • network_addr - source network address
  • user_agent - source user-agent
  • other_user_agent - destination user-agent
  • price - price
  • bill_amount - billing amount
  • bill_rate - billing rate
  • bill_rate_rule - billing rate rule
  • bill_accountcode - billing accountcode
  • bill_credit - billing credit
  • dialplan_trace - dialplan trace
  • sip_term_status - sip termination status
  • sip_term_cause - sip termination cause
  • sip_hangup_disposition - sip hangup disposition
  • audio_in_mos - incoming audio MOS
  • rtp_remote_audio_rtcp_port - remote RTCP port used
  • remote_media_port - remote RTP port
  • rtp_audio_in_packet_count - number of incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_media_packet_count - media of incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_skip_packet_count - number of skipped incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_jitter_packet_count - jitter for incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_dtmf_packet_count - number DTMF incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_cng_packet_count - number CNG incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_in_flush_packet_count - number of flush incoming RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_out_packet_count - number of outgoing RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_out_media_packet_count - media of outgoing RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_out_skip_packet_count - number of skipped outgoing RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_out_dtmf_packet_count - number DTMF outgoing RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_out_cng_packet_count - number CNG outgoing RTP pkts
  • rtp_audio_rtcp_packet_count - number of RTCP outgoing pkts
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