Configure MYSQL server

To configure MySQL service:

  1. Check on the Activation checkbox Enabled.
  2. Click Services / MySQL / Add.
  3. Write a base data name and click Add.

There is the new database:

Create users and add permissions

To add permissions in MySQL service:

  • execute queries
  • add privileges
CREATE USER '<username>'@'<ip>' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
GRANT <privileges> ON <database>.<table> TO '<username>'@'<ip>' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>'; 

types of privileges:

  • ALL PRIVILEGES – grants all privileges to the MySQL user
  • CREATE – allows the user to create databases and tables
  • DROP - allows the user to drop databases and tables
  • DELETE - allows the user to delete rows from specific MySQL table
  • INSERT - allows the user to insert rows into specific MySQL table
  • SELECT – allows the user to read the database
  • UPDATE - allows the user to update table rows


  • <ip> can be % for any ip.
  • <table> can be * for any table.
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