To configure IPSEC VPN connection:

  1. Go to Security / Encryption, check on the Activation checkbox and click Apply.
  2. Go to Connections and click Add button.
  3. Set the mandatory parameters:
  • Name: set the name of connection.
  • Type: select the type of connection.
  • Authentication type: check the authentication type.
  • Authentication method: check the required method in case of selecting PSK set the Pre-Phased-Key.
  • Local ID: set ID local.
  • Ip local: select a ip that you want to use.
  • remote ip: select a remote ip to establish the connection.

:!: When connecting to iphone or ipad the local id must be a FDQN

:!: Advanced supported parameters:

Encryption AES or 3DES
Authentication MD5 or SHA1
Diffie-Hellman group DH2 or DH5
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