Monitoring: Attendance

This is a guide intended to help configuring Comms Mundi™ Attendance for the first time. If you have any doubt, please refer to the reference manual, or ask us at


This guide will help assign a domain to assistance.

Assign a domain

To assign a domain to attendance go to the page Monitor → Attendance:

  1. In the domains table click add button.
  2. Select the domain to associate, for example,
  3. Select the number of users, for example, 50 users.
  4. Set the value for the Business name, for example, Wireless Mundi.
  5. Set the value for the CIF, for example, Y0334816L.
  6. Set the value for the Mail from to export data, for example,
  7. Click Add


This guide will help configuring an accounts to Attendance.

Create a account

To add a account go to the page Directory → Domain:

  1. In the users table click add button.
  2. Set name and password.
  3. Go to Attendance, then check enable Attendance and set values for the parameters.
  4. If this account want access to Attendance in the User panel, active acl in Attendance to user.
  5. Click Add
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